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       René van Tol


Services produces any type of music for almost all types of productions.

The application is easy, you can contact us at +31 (0)6-36168043 or:

Submit a request by e-mail at
Supply the following information if possible: *
    - What is the purpose of the music
    - What type of music are you thinking about
    - Do you have certain lyrics or sound effects in mind
    - What should be the duration of the composition
    - What is the purpose of the Production and where will it be published
    - On what kind of medium will the production be recorded and how many duplications
    - When do you need the music
    - On what medium will you supply your production materials to us (e.g.. DVD, CD-ROM, video)
    - Your information: Company, name, address, phone, e-mail and website

* We do understand the difficulty to supply us with all requested information but at least supply us with the information you have at this moment.

After we have received your application we will contact you within 1 day to have a personal chat about your request.