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At this page you can see what we are doing at the moment or did recently  

Various music productions, film scores for some production companies, like René Mioch's FCCE.

With the FCCE project together with Paul Verhoeven we even won an Emmy Award.



'Spend the Money', new song for Ashley Zuyderwijk

Our songwriter René van Tol created an other beautiful song for Ashley. This is the third song he made for Ashley. It is called 'Spend the Money', a dancable track, sounding like Ilse de Lange. Nice intro with a acoustic stell guitar, and a beat dthat makes you wanna dance.

Ashley recently recorded the single in the studio.


Song try/out created for Dewi Pechler as possible new CD single

MuziekComposities created (assigned by the management of Dewi Pechler') a try-out of a new song for Dewi Pechler to be a possible track for her new single. 

Unfortunately they have chosen an English producer who created a great track named Sour. AT the release party of her single and Playboy cover, we enjoyed listening to the live performance of her new single but also the acoustic version (real nice).

MuziekComposties wishes Dewi the very best with her new single.

Photo source: Artikel






NL's Next Girlband, debute single

MuziekComposities started a cooperation with Talentenbeurs for the NL's Next Girlband

Talentenbeurs and newspaper dé Weekkrant (Wegener) have been searching to create a formation of a new Dutch 'girlband'. Enthusiastic lively girls between the age og 18 and 28 years will get a chance to participate in the contest to be part of thé Dutch girlband.

We have already created a hitsong for the girlband that maybe soon will be played in many Dutch households.
Information: Artikel Weekkrant (pdf) or take a look at

'It Hurts', 2nd song for Ashley Zuyderwijk

Our songwriter René van Tol created another great song for Ashley. This is the second song for Ashley and is called 'It Hurts', a nice warm filmish ballad with some Celine Dion - 'My Heart Will Go On' vibes. 

Some Celtic influance and a piano melody that never seems to end.

'What's going on with me', debute single for Ashley Zuyderwijk

Our songwriter René van Tol created a beautifull song for Ashley. The song is called 'What's going on with me', a chilling blues ballad with a catchy chorus ans solo.  

Ashley can improvise well so we got the right vibes almost straight away.


Eva Simons (know form the hit Silly Boy): New track 'City of Angels'  written for Eva Simons.
René van Tol created a new track for Eva Simons during an international music competition, organised by the Buma/Stemra 'Dutch Writers Camp'. Eva will choose her new hit track out of more than 150 tracks. 

Our song became a great 'radio-friendly' dance track with an Electro Rock Dance style which fits great as a follow-up of the hit single 'Silly Boy'. The demo version was sung by the artist 'Peace of Mind'. 

Listen to City of Angels using this link or on YouTube(c) using this link.


Dutchy Puppy: Ringtone and profile song
The Dutchy Puppy Foundation was founded by Bridget Maasland and some other dog belovers to help dogs all over the world. Dutchy Puppy supports many local animal foundations with supplies and finacial funds.

We have created a funny ringtone that this organisation will use to raise money for the organisation.

Listen to a sample of this ringtone

Wen have been working on a song that  the Dutchy Puppy Foundation can use to profile thereself. The song lyrics mention the enormous amount of street dogs around the world that have live under real bad conditions but where a little influance of humans can help. This song maybe will be sung by a famous Dutch singer..

Listen to a sample of the Dutchy Puppy demo song
World Spine Day (Recht je Rug campaign): Ringtone and music for a campaign video and exercises
For the World Spine Day, the  Dutch Chiropract Association (NCA) will give some extra attention to the spine. The recent campaign Recht je Rug was a great succes!

We created the music for the instruction video with excersises. 

Visit the website of Recht je Rug Nederland or click here to watch the video.
We have created a happy ringtone that the participating children can download. It will also be used during the event on October  2009 to call the attention of the young participants when new excersises are starting.

Listen to a sample of this ringtone
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