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Custom made movie score
We provide your film or video production with the right custom made music at very low prices. Our productions are all high quality and will be digitally mastered in house (also in Dolby Digital 7.1).

Because you often would like to hear how your leader will sound we can provide you a login which allows you to listen to your production on-line. This feature also allows you to download your finished production later on. In this way your are soo much more involved in the music production and will get your final result much faster. 

The right music for a movie or movie scene is very important. If the music fits the scenes, the quality of  your production increases. Music for a movie production used to be underrated but nowerdays people know better.


Listen to some of our movie themes at our 'Music' page.
Our Movie Themes are not expensive so please inform yourself by sending an e-mail to



World wide there are many famous composers of movie themes. A very famous one is John Williams, who made the scores for eg. Star Wars, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Indiana Jones, Dracula, Hook, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.

Another composer of movie themes is the famous Ennio Morricone. At march the 25th  2009, the radiostation Classic FM announced that the soundtrack of the movie 'Once Upon A Time In The West' was chosen to be the most beautifull movie theme ever made, naturally made by Ennio Morricone. Ennio Morricone