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       René van Tol


We support charity and 'good cases'.. It is an known fact that music can help the healing process of for example ill children. We find that a beautiful thing and are willing to help.   Straighten Up (Recht je Rug) Dutch site
English site:

Dutchypuppy Foundation
(support for street dogs and abused dogs all over the world).

Help people and animals in distress

All about Dutch charities

All about collecting for charity

If you need specially written music for charity, like a fund raise, informative or educational movie like an animation movie like 'Paultje en de Draak' ('Little Paul and the Dragon', an animation movie made for young children with cancer), please contact us at
Charities will ALWAYS receive a discount on the price of a music composition. In some cases it is even possible to get a music composition for free.